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The Neon Pothos are one of the easiest plants to keep alive and healthy. This plant is effective for eliminating formaldehyde and carbon monoxide as well. These toxins have been found in paint or recently painted and furnished rooms. Helps treat eye irritation, ocular hypertension,  The pathos is paired with a 3.75" by 3" Birch Pot. 

Plant Personality: Madonna

Every plant has a unique personality. See if this plant is similar to you. We call this pathos our 80s baby. She is Bright, Bold, and unapologetic. Fashion took a trip down the neon rainbow in the mid 80s. She is a statement piece and grows beautiful vines which give her the ability to cascade.


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Test soil moisture. Water once a week. Plant mist every other day. DO NOT over water.


30 day plant guarantee and lifetime plant support online 24/7.


Indirect Light, low light.

Care Tips: 

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