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The Peace Lily has the ability to remove toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide. The plant  helps to prevent asthma, headaches, and chronic illness. It also cleanses the air of cigarette smoke, paint, and furniture fumes. The plant is paired with a 7" by 7" Woodland Planter.

Plant Personality: Lizzy

Every plant has a unique personality. See if this plant personality is similar to you. Lizzy is a low maintenance plant but still requires some attention. When she is happy her leaves stand tall but when she is sad her leaves drop dramatically. She is firm with what she wants but also delicate. 

* Check out the USDA Hardiness Zone of the plant on our DIG IN tab* 


Test soil moisture. Do NOT over water. Mist sparingly. Water once a week.


30 day plant guarantee & Lifetime plant support.


Shaded indirect light.

 Care Tips:

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