July 23, 2018

Okay, so you found yourself with a plant.

Maybe more than one. If you have more than one you’re especially lucky because 1) you’ve got cute greenery and 2) because your air is feeling filtered. Since you got those plants in your home they’ve become your most constant companion, just as you are theirs. Keep those lovely plants cared for and watered!

The following tips will keep you in the know about your plant’s wants and needs. After all, plants are like people: they vary.

One of the first things you can do to water your plant correctly is get to know your plant. Research it. Know the scientific name with it along with the one commonly used. Evaluate the kind of sunshine it most prefers.

Now, there are a few ways you can do this. One option we would offer is the information found within ourDig In tab. Second, there’s a bit of information about the plant on their page, take theCalathea for example. When all else fails, feel free to send us an email. We’ve got you and all your plant needs.

So, what do you do with all this information one you’ve got it?

For those who just want to forget about watering, or think about it very little, you could invest in a crystal bulb. These slow-release water into plants. This is ideal for many plants.

Another option, and one that we enjoy very much, is making a schedule and setting timers. Planners, sticky notes on fridges, lists taped to walls, timers set on phones- all super viable options to making sure that your plants stay hydrated.

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First Plant

This is the first pant I got and I am very satisfied! The plant is as beautiful as it is on the pictures. The colors of the leaves are fantastic and the plant is very easy to take care of. I followed the care tips on their blog and I contacted them on Instagram, and I have to say that the customer service is on point. They were very helpful and answered all my concerns quickly. Thank you so much Essencia Air, I love it!