June 21, 2020

While not everyone has succumbed to the succulent craze, most have certainly witnessed it. Succulents are the new trendy plant, now commonly found in home gardens, apartment balconies, and dorm window sills. 

It’s no surprise that they’ve become so popular, though; there are hundreds of unique succulent varieties! Each comes in different gradients – from pastel greens to lively pinks – and no two plants have the same growth pattern. With such a large assortment of succulents, you will certainly find one that fits your preference. 



Succulents are also easy to maintain and hard to kill. Their fleshy leaves store water, so plant parents don’t have to worry too much about watering frequency. And while succulents don’t require much work, they’re constantly working to purify the air around them from indoor pollutants that have been linked to health issues. When you buy a succulent for your home or office, you won’t only see the difference – you’ll also feel the difference.

Though there are hundreds of succulent varieties,Echeveria is one of the most popular types. When you think of a succulent, you’re likely thinking ofEcheveria – chubby green and purple leaves circling out like the petals of a rose. These are native to semi-arid regions in Mexico, Central America, and northwestern South America. Their resilience and beautiful growth pattern make them a favorite amongst home gardeners and indoor plant parents. Many species ofEcheveria are also host plants for butterflies and are integral to butterflies’ egg-laying process.



The aloe vera plant might not have eye-catching rosettes like theEcheveria, but it remains a popular choice of succulent. This is largely due to the properties of its large serrated leaves, which contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that can be used to treat heartburn, high blood sugar, burns, wounds, and irritated skin. 



Now, picture a tiny aloe vera plant with little white stripes on its leaves. It’s a zebra plant! This small succulent (usually no taller than 5 inches) is a great accent piece for your desk, bookshelf, or nightstand, and the perfect “Awww!” inspiring gift for any special occasion.



The most popular succulent for beginner plant owners is the snake plant. It tolerates low light and irregular watering, and during the winter, it only needs watering once every one or two months. It also looks very different from most other succulents. The snake plant’s leaves aren’t stubby and plump – they’re thin and typically grow as tall as 35 inches. It’s the perfect plant for that sad, empty corner in your home or office you’ve always thought needssomethingelse. 

Most people are attracted to the snake plant’s hardiness and peculiar appearance. However, this succulent isn’t just a cool low-maintenance piece of decor. Snake plants are also particularly good at removing indoor pollutants from the air! 



Although succulents don’t require much attention, watering these plants correctly is key to keeping them alive. Succulents should be watered using the “soak and dry” method – soak the soil thoroughly and only water them again when the soil is completely dry. Many new succulent parents spray the leaves with water. You shouldnotdo this, as it can result in brittle roots and moldy leaves. 

No matter which plant initiates you into the succulent craze, make sure you take proper care of your new buds. A healthy, happy succulent will brighten up your space and your mood!


By Maria Veronica Perez

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