September 21, 2020

For us in South Florida, it may not feel like the seasons are changing, but for the rest of you in the United States (and all of the Northern Hemisphere), today marks the first day of autumn. Autumn means pumpkin patches and cozy, warm cocoa, but it also means changing your houseplant habits. As the daytime hours lessen each day, your plant will be photosynthesizing less and enter a state of dormancy. So, what should you do to best take care of your plants during this transitional period? 

Understand your plants will likely need less water.

Be attentive to how moist the soil is before you water. Maybe in the summer your plant needed a thorough drenching once a week. But in the fall/winter? It could only need water once every two or three weeks. The best, tried-and-true method for checking how damp your plant’s soil is, is sticking a finger an inch or two in the surface of the soil. Pull your finger out and if soil is sticking and feels wet, you can wait to water. Soil falls right off and feels dry overall? The plant might need a drink.

Cut down on the fertilizer.

Your plant won’t be producing as many new leaves - and that’s okay! Because of the slow growth during the colder months, your plant will be using less nutrients. This means you can lay off the fertilizing and just make sure your plants are potted in a good quality soil.

Check your plant’s USDA Plant Hardiness Zone.

If you have some tropical or subtropical plants outside but you live in Michigan, it’s DEFINITELY time to bring them in! Hardiness Zones will tell you what sort of temperatures/conditions your plant can tolerate, and if the outside conditions aren’t right, bring your plant babies in for the winter.

What autumn/winter plant tips do you have?Share them with us in the comments or on our social medias! @EssenciaAir on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

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