April 04, 2019

Pothos is one of the most popular air-purifying house-plants, which is present in many indoor spaces. Its fame derivates from its easy management and medium-sized dimensions, which allows owners to display a floral decoration without too many efforts nor complications.

The kinds of pothos that exist in Nature can be classified based on their color. In fact, different species of pothos distinguish themselves thanks to their leaves’ shape and hues.

Among the plethora of pothos, the most peculiar one is the neon pothos. Given already the denomination, the neon pothos presents a heterogeneous color over all its leaves. Usually, the leaves of this plant are bright green, but they can go also for some yellowish and golden hues. The younger the leaves, the more enlighting the leaf appears. In order to preserve such a distinct color, the neon pothos needs to be exposed under a great source of light. If they don’t happen to receive enough light, they might take longer to enhance their natural color and maintain less their brightness.

Neon pothos is an easy plant to keep an eye on. You can either trim it or not, or expose it to high temperatures. Its adaptive flexibility and tropical nature are manageable to take care of.

In terms of watering, neon pothos likes to receive a just amount of water - not too much, but not even too little. It is good to keep the soil as moist and humid as possible. If the plant misses water a couple of days nothing major occurs, but pay attention to yellowish and brownish dots on the leaves: those will indicate if the plant needs more hydration than ever.

Although is a healthy plant, neon pothos is a bit toxic for pets and humans. If ingested, neon pothos can cause vomit and gastrointestinal problems to your beloved animals and little ones.

neon pothos


Author: Giulia Baldini

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