February 26, 2019

Plants of all kinds have very intricate personalities that are on display, and we may not even notice it at first. That’s why it’s so important to keep an eye on our plant friends and fully understand their needs in order for them to blossom and stay healthy. Whenever plants start feeling neglected or in need of a little love, it will show all over their leaves and in their overall appearance. Their leaves begin to droop and they’ll start to turn an ugly brown color. We wouldn’t want that to happen, of course.

Let's place our focus on one pretty plant, the Peace Lily. If she’s in need of care, she’ll make sure to let you know through her leaves, because they are always great in posture, standing up big and tall! Once you notice her leaves start drooping, you have to take action fast.


Yes, of course, she could just be a little mad at you for a couple days, but she is highly forgiving. Once she is properly watered and nurtured for, she will be showing you more love than before. Who would’ve thought that plants could be so forgiving? That's why they’re so amazing!

Once she’s back to her normal self, it’s best to continue the routine of caring for her. She can forgive you once, but will she forgive you again in you neglect her?

Here are some tips to help you keep your Peace Lily looking nice and healthy:

  • Partial sunlight preferred, dim fluorescent lights are acceptable.
  • Keep soil moist throughout the week. Pay close attention to leaf color and drooping.
  • Spray leaves with water regularly to maintain moisture.
  • Maintain temperature between 65-85° F. Keep away from cooling or heating appliances.
  • Periodically wipe leaves with a damp sponge or cloth to keep them clean.
  • Fertilize occasionally, every 6 or so weeks, with balanced houseplant fertilizer.



Author: Victoria Mitial

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First Plant

This is the first pant I got and I am very satisfied! The plant is as beautiful as it is on the pictures. The colors of the leaves are fantastic and the plant is very easy to take care of. I followed the care tips on their blog and I contacted them on Instagram, and I have to say that the customer service is on point. They were very helpful and answered all my concerns quickly. Thank you so much Essencia Air, I love it!