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While, unfortunately,Money Trees don’t actually grow money (we’ve had to deal with this terrible news too) they do make a darling addition to any home. They adore humid coastal climates- so think Florida and California, for starters.

However, if you are still feeling this plant but live in a slightly drier climate this can STILL be a great companion. You’re just going to have to take a couple extra precautions, but don’t worry! We’ve got your back! Send us an email, or, take a look at the below care instructions to keep thatMoney Tree looking as fine as your gorgeous self.

Okay: so a really important thing to keep in mind with your lovely little plant is that, while watering is crucial, having the correct drainage and soil type is key to keeping the new love of your life happy and healthy.

What kind of soil do they enjoy, you ask? Great question! See, this is why you’re going to be an awesome plant parent, you ask the perfect questions!

Putting pebbles in the pot with your plant along with the mixture of typical potting soil is ideal. This helps with drainage because rocks don’t sit together in a super snug fashion like dirt does. Think of it like this: when you water the plant with pebbles, the water will continue to move around. However! If you just have soil there’s no room for the water to do anything but be absorbed.

Now that you know all that, let’s chat super quick about watering. Once a week.

Maybe twice. Possibly.

Seriously that’s all. How easy is that? You can literally set a recurring alarm on your handy-dandy phone for Saturday at five. Add on Wednesday at two. Your phone will remember to water the plant for you. Perfect.

Finally, where will you place the plant in your house? This window? That ledge? This room?

More excellent questions! We are truly feeling great about placing one of ourMoney Trees in your tender loving care.

This plant adores (like really, really loves) a little bit of indirect light. They may think just for a moment that they want some direct light, but the yellowing of their leaves will inform you differently. Listen to the yellow leaves. Don’t do direct light.

You’ve got this! And remember, if you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to send an email our way.

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Taniesha Lee
Taniesha Lee

April 03, 2020

Is it possible that I can get my hands on one of those money trees?

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Lisa Greenberg

The plants are beautiful, and were both expertly packed for shipping and easy to assemble. When I called with questions (these are my first plants ever), they were so helpful and warm. Highly recommend ordering plants from Essencia Air!

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Sent it to my friend as a gift and she loved it! She said the directions were great and it came as pictured in the photo

Roy Henry
Beautiful Indoor Plant

Beautiful custom made piece. A great addition to my indoor setup

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The money tree I ordered was just what I wanted. It was a gift for someone and they loved it as well. Thank you!!