March 05, 2019

Loving yourself is the best and most effective way to lead your existence. There are the sunny days to live for, the smile of a person to enlighten your day, and that daily passion of yours you can’t think living without. If you love yourself, you aim to live your best life. To do that, health is one of the fundamental requirements if you want to achieve that self-love of yours.

The real estate industry has found a way to establish a healthier standard of living: the green rooftops and indoors.

Building green rooftops and having plants and flowers inside your house boosts productive energy. Going green is a versatile philosophy, that fits well in many topics such as food education, environmental issues, and home decor. Going green in terms of house decorating helps you and the environment.

rooftop garden

A couple of decades ago, after conducting several experiments inside indoor spaces, the NASA recognized a disease named Sick Building Syndrome, which is a collection of syndromes related to allergies, nausea, dizziness, and body irritations, all caused by the environment an indoor space provides. The cleaner, the healthier, of course. And plants are the most perfect air-purifiers that exist!

For this reason, in order to prevent toxic and harmful disorders, you should incorporate moderate and enjoyable elements in your life. As well as a diet intake requires you to eat a just amount of calories, an indoor space needs to be cured at its best with the right design, purpose, and aesthetics.

When it comes to home decorating, Pinterest and Instagram are the best platforms where you can take inspiration from. You find yourself able to discover trends and styles that satisfy every need of a client.

nature house

Social media are definitely one of the most successful tools that plants in real estate can spread their popularity. That’s how some green startups like The Sill or the Greenery in New York City have reached their audiences and caught their attention, by displaying images of calming spaces, meditative locations, that have the capacity to lift people up, especially the young ones who are drowning in the urban reality of big cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and so on. Sure, these green businesses sell plants, do workshops, create local events, but they also provide a new lifestyle that many people are introduced to. And that’s the main product that consumers want and aim for.

It feels so much rewarding and warm to have a roof over your head: your home space, whether it’s shared or not, should ideally be your first and safest place to be.

vertical garden house

If you’re lucky enough to have all of this, you should be skilled and smart on how to keep such place a cozy, beneficial, and healthy environment. For this reason, spending some time and attention to green startups and business can lead you to a better understanding and management of your own time and space, by crafting your creative side as well as receiving some mental and physical benefits from the natural environment you’ve been created around yourself.



Author: Giulia Baldini

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