April 08, 2020

As viruses and allergies grow common during this time of the year, it is imperative that we become aware of the different symptoms and what it is that we can do to prevent them from affecting us or our loved ones. There are numerous going around including the common cold, influenza (the Flu), allergies, and COVID-19. What can we do to become knowledgeable as well as help prevent it?

Learn the facts!

  • Viruses circulate year-round, activity can last as late as May.
  • Most experts believe that flu viruses spread mainly by tiny droplets made when people with flu cough, sneeze or talk.
  • People with flu are most contagious in the first 3-4 days after their illness begins.
  • Can cause pneumonia.

  • April showers as well as the month of May can bring spring allergies. Pollen makes its way in which causes discomfort for people with allergies.
  • Allergy involves an exaggerated response of the immune system, often to common substances such as foods, animal dander, or pollen.
  • There is a greater risk of developing allergic conditions if a person has a family history of allergy, especially in parents or siblings.
  • Allergy-induced asthma causes the release of histamine in the body, resulting in inflammation and swelling in the airways.
  • About 90% of children with asthma have allergies, compared with about 50% of adults with asthma.

  • Common during the colder months because the virus can spread more easily in cold, dry air.
  • The most common complications that can rise include ear infection, pharyngitis, or sinusitis.
  • Different viruses can lead to the common cold.
  • Common cold is generally self-limiting and mild and about 50% of the cases are cured within 10 days from the day of infection. About 90% of cases get cured within 15 days.

  • Coronavirus infections are rampant in the fall or winter seasons.
  • Usually, general symptoms surface 2-14 days post-exposure.
  • Coronaviruses in humans affect upper respiratory cells and gastrointestinal tract cells.
  • Agricultural records showed that some have also infected birds, cats, cattle, dogs, pigs, and rodents.
  • Can cause pneumonia.


With COVID-19 spreading, we must know the difference between these common conditions and take the precaution we need to not only be safe but also keep our minds in the right place. The spread of the coronavirus has really spurred up everyone, making everyone reach a state of panic or paranoia. How can we stay our healthiest? Other than disinfecting our homes, washing our hands, and practicing social distancing, what can we implement in our homes to protect us?

The addition of plants of course!
By bringing nature home!

Indoor plants help reduce toxins and chemicals as well help control the humidity. These can all lead to different allergies or viruses. Plants transpire; this means that moisture transfers from the plant's roots through small pores on the leaves and eventually turns into water vapor. This essentially creates a higher humidity level in your home. Studies have shown that having the humidity levels above 40 percent significantly decreases the power of the flu virus. Lower humidity levels allow the virus to stay suspended in the air for longer, making it easier for it to infect others.


With that being said, the bigger your greenery is, the better. Larger plants have more surface area, so they release more moisture.

Plants also remove toxins and chemicals which can indefinitely cause symptoms of allergies and asthma. Some of these chemicals are expressed through other blogs.

With removing these toxins and controlling the humidity, because it helps with your physiological balance, you will be feeling at your best. This is the time to do that for yourself. This will alleviate stress and paranoia that the coronavirus has caused. With it spreading, things are very tense now for all of us and this is the perfect moment to focus on our health, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Some plants perfect for this include the Areca palm, the Rubber plant, and Peace lily. We offer a large variety.

Bring nature home today! Stay safe!

Written by: Yolanda M. Pineda




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