August 05, 2020


Have you ever realized how similar we are to plants? Most people don’t realize that we actually share a lot in common with plants. In fact, plants are more like us than you would think. Not only do we share some genetic components, but we both have a similar growth process. If you want to learn more about how plants and humans are similar then keep on reading!


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Let’s begin by looking at it from a scientific perspective. Both human and plant cells have six organelles (active components of the cell) that are alike. This includes the cell membranes, mitochondria as well as the nucleus. The fact that plants have a mitochondria means that they have cellular respiration just like humans. Plants also absorb food in a similar manner to us. Both the human intestine and plant soil contain bacteria and fungi. This enables them kill harmful bacteria as well as break down substances to provide food and be healthy. While plants have bacteria and fungi to help them absorb nitrogen and potassium, the bacteria in humans produce vitamins.

Additionally, both humans and plants have a genome, or the basic structure of all living creatures. The genome includes all the genetic information that is passed down to future generations. What is fascinating is that the human genome is not only like that of other animals, but it is similar to a plant’s genome as well. In fact, human genomes and plant genomes both have about 25,000 genes. Although plants would be way ahead of us in the evolutionary race.

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The power of speech has a profound effect on both humans and plants. A study bythe Royal Horticultural Society found that talking to plants help them grow quicker. It is amazing to see that not humans benefit from talking, but so can plants. For instance, when we tell each other motivational ideas and positive affirmations it affects us mentally and spiritually. It generally motivates us to grow and better ourselves. Plants are clearly similar in that talking to them helps them grow and blossom.

There is a famous quote that reads “Every flower must go through dirt” which I feel explains how similar we are to plants. Think about it, for a flower to grow and blossom, it literally needs to go through dirt. The growth process for humans is identical. In order to grow and reach our full potentials we must all go through challenging situations and even hardships. However, going through those difficult situations help shape us and leads us to blossom into the best versions of ourselves. So if you think about it, we are all just flowers who are growing in life to reach our full potentials.


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Written by: Michele Tornheim

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