March 18, 2020

Creating and utilizing our space as a foundation for a healthy lifestyle is essential. We implement movement into our lives to become healthy and generate good positive energy, whether its on our own or with others. What’s better than adding indoor plants into our studios and gyms. Indoor plants that will only enhance our health but that very energy that is around you.

There is an endless list of benefits that indoor plants have. It has been shown that not only can indoor plants reduce carbon dioxide levels and reduce the levels of harmful pollutants, but they also create a relaxing, calm environment as well as are perfect for styling the room.

The Benefits
-Plants release oxygen and take in carbon dioxide as well increase the humidity and prevent the air from drying out.

So, if you suffer from constant colds, allergies, and/or infections you may possibly be spending time in a space that just isn’t supporting your body as it should. The environment you’re putting yourself in possibly doesn't have high enough levels of water in the air.  Indoor plants have been shown to provide the perfect indoor atmosphere that only enhances your performance.
-We live with so many different pollutants around us.  Some are obvious as we can smell, perhaps see them, and others are less obvious. Indoor plants clean and remove toxins from the air.
Examples of these include: 

  • Strong fumes from printed documents
  • indoor smoke treated carpets and rugs
  • toxins such as formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, and trichloroethylene

So, there is a constant release of pollutants into the air and with just a simple indoor plant, that will help to off-set these toxins.

-Just from their color, plants provide such a calm state of mind. They create a very relaxing and tranquil energy around us.
The eye doesn't need to adjust to see green as it sits right in the middle of the color spectrum.  Therefore, not only are you feeling better through breath, but your state of mind is calm and relaxed, which in turn will help you focus more and just concentrate on your craft while at the gym and/or studio.

-Indoor plants are also great for styling a room. 

Indoor plants just radiate good energy, and sometimes we don’t realize it but our whole mood shifts just from glancing or being in the room with one.

Written by: Yolanda Pineda

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Steve Moore


Lisa Greenberg

The plants are beautiful, and were both expertly packed for shipping and easy to assemble. When I called with questions (these are my first plants ever), they were so helpful and warm. Highly recommend ordering plants from Essencia Air!

Paige Kelly

Sent it to my friend as a gift and she loved it! She said the directions were great and it came as pictured in the photo

Roy Henry
Beautiful Indoor Plant

Beautiful custom made piece. A great addition to my indoor setup

Jessica Viteri

The money tree I ordered was just what I wanted. It was a gift for someone and they loved it as well. Thank you!!