August 09, 2018

Okay, everyone. Listen up and listen good. This is a special edition for all you students, life-long learning enthusiasts, and people who need to thinkat least twice a day. We think that’s just about everyone. Are you listening? Are you really, really listening?


See that plant (probably one of ourChinese Evergreens) in the corner of your home? Did you know that it actually is helping you in more ways than making the air super clean? You didn’t? Well, let’s learn a couple things today.

Astudy from A&M shows that plants are super helpful in terms of thinking, developing ideas and promoting well-being for those taking care of them. Keeping lovelies like the ones in our shop help with memory. They also show signs of improving the concentration of their devoted care-takers.

(that’s you, babe)

As a matter of fact, you know that feeling of joy you get when you see flowers? When you’re soaking in the pink and white and orange? You know how your mood seems to go up and everything seems just a tad bit lighter and brighter. Well- good news- you’re not imagining in. In fact, all of these things have also been studies!

Amazing. Wow. Learning things. So great.

This means that flowers- yes, like thePeace Lily- do literally improve the mood of those who bask in its glorious presence. We know, this is actually the greatest and most wonderful and bestest (yes, it’s a word now) thing we’ve heard all day too.

Imagine us doing a happy dance. Because that’s what’s happening right now.

The soothing effect of plants also stimulates health and wellness. This means you have the potential to heal a bit faster. Think about this- plants like rosemary are considered to be anti-bacterial. Okay, got it? So adding someBromeliads andCalatheas in the place where you reside...this is you looking out for you.

Take care of yourself. Learn better, live better.

Plants can get you there. And we’ve got plants. Howperfect. With plants, you can do your very best at school or work.

Remember, if you’ve got any questions regarding those cute plants we’re only an email away.

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