February 25, 2019

Pets and plants, what a combo. Cats, dogs, fishes, hamsters, bunnies, and so many other of our beloved friends from the fauna deserve a clean and healthy space to live in. Safety and comfort are essential to pets, as well as to us humans. If one of the best places to be in is a house with plants, what are the most secure greens we should put next to our animals?

Depending on where you reside and the pet you’ve got, the safest plants you should consider to have in your place must share the following features:

  • Those plants shouldn’t be toxic, because your pet might accidentally chew them. Learn the toxicity of the plant based on your pet’s nature, in addition to their respective digestive systems. For example, dogs and cats differ from each other, so some plants that may be dangerous for a dog might not be harmful to a cat, and vice versa.
  • They shouldn’t be high maintenance plants. You don’t want to spend too much time to take care of a plant every single day unless you live in a botanical garden itself.
  • Their dimensions should be manageable. Not only most people cannot afford massive plants due to their volume, but also for its costs of management, which sometimes can turn out to be a burden. The bigger the plant, the more spacious the space you need to locate the plant.

Here are some of the most common non-toxic and air purifying plants to have close to your pets:

  • Bamboo: Easy to keep, bamboos usually don’t need much light, water or large spaces, although they require to be planted in constantly moist soil. Small bamboos are perfect to have in the house because their dimensions and shape don’t get much in the way of a furry pet. Their minimal aesthetic is also appealing to any kind of environment and aesthetics.

  • Gerbera Daisies: Very popular among gardens, this kind of daisy requires a bit of attention when it comes to watering and trimming, but it’s one of the safest for the animals.

  • Catnip: The name says it all - cats love this plant! The dynamics that involve this interesting scent that attracts cats are all about chemistry mechanism, but there’s nothing toxic about this plant. However, this might not be the best for a dog or another furry animal.

  • Petunia: As they are resistant to the heat, these flowers don’t need to be watered that much. Their variety of colors can definitely set a tone in a specific environment.

  • African Violet: This small potted plant needs indirect sunlight and moist soil. Their dense hues are captivating and can add both a style and boost in the room.

The importance to be surrounded by an air purifying plant is fundamental for your pet. Not only will it be fully satisfied with this choice of yours, but also you as an owner will get the best benefit of it all: your pet’s happiness.


Author: Giulia Baldini

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