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July 20, 2018

You love your pets. We love your pets. You love your plants. We love your plants. It’s simple, really. Think of us as the friend you never knew you wanted with semi-infinite knowledge on the health and safety of where the venn diagram with these two as variables intersect.

Some plants are toxic to you furry friends. Now, hold on, don’t freak out. Are you freaking out? It feels like you’re freaking out. Seriously, take a deep breath this is not near as terrible as your making it out to be. This is going to be like baby proofing the house, or like your smallest form of self-care: drinking water and remembering to breathe.

Okay, back to business. Some plants are toxic to your pets. Lucky for you we made a cute as can be little table to keep the ones we have stocked straight in your head. Amazing right?

Like we said, think of us as the friend you never knew you needed.

For more information on what to keep an eye out for, check out theASPCA’s website.

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