July 13, 2018

Placing these in every possible corner of your house is sure to evoke all that serenity you were hoping to find at your last yoga class. True to their name- the peace part, not the lily- these plants aren’t stress inducing. In fact, their easy to care for nature and super apparent signs of distress make these plants ideal for those who weren’t born with the gardening gene.


We’re all looking for a little bit more transparency in our lives—easy ways to understand what’s going on are always appreciated. Think about it: if your last boo had half the ability to communicate the way the Peace Lily does you may have not had to kick them to the curb.


So, just how does the Peace Lily make your life easier and let you know how it’s feeling? Let’s begin with making life easier. Like all the darling plants stocked by Essencia Air, this plant helps with air quality in the home. Having them all over the house purifies the air of cigarette smoke, paint, and furniture fumes.


If you’re moving into a new house, getting some couches delivered, or painting the walls of your lovely living room this is the ideal house plant to welcome into your humble abode.


Now, onto knowing how it’s feeling.


A Peace Lily plants wants you to be the best plant parent you can possibly be. In order to do this the plants lets you know when it’s overwatered. The Peace Lily begins to wilt when it’s roots begin to rot. If she starts to get droopy every two to three days, then repot her in a larger pot. While people need to shower daily, these folks rather enjoy a little less attention. Water when the soil is dry.


However, if you do manage to overwater rather than underwater your new best friend- fear not! All hope is not lost! Just learn to water less; be kind to your plant. Listen to it and learn to live with it as your new beloved member of the family.

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The plants are beautiful, and were both expertly packed for shipping and easy to assemble. When I called with questions (these are my first plants ever), they were so helpful and warm. Highly recommend ordering plants from Essencia Air!


Sent it to my friend as a gift and she loved it! She said the directions were great and it came as pictured in the photo

Beautiful Indoor Plant

Beautiful custom made piece. A great addition to my indoor setup

The money tree I ordered was just what I wanted. It was a gift for someone and they loved it as well. Thank you!!