September 15, 2019


Water and light. The dynamic duo for a healthy grown plant. 

Want your plants to flourish throughout your house? Take in consideration where you are getting that water from.



If you use tap water, know you're not the only one; we understand, it's easy and affordable. However, you should also know that getting it straight from the tap has its flaws.  

Tap water may carry certain minerals and chemicals that aren't necessary good for your plant, some may even harm them. It may cause slow growth and even the gradual death of plants.


In order to keep your plant growing healthy you should look for these factors the in water you're feeding them...




Chemical Elements

Chlorine may sometimes be present in your faucet water. The nice thing about the chlorine is that it evaporates quickly in water, therefore, if you smell a strong chlorine scent you can just let the water sit for 24 hours to let it be out of the water.


Tip: Pour water in washed jugs or bottles a day before watering your plants to avoid feeding your plants chlorine.



Too Many Minerals


Tap water contains calcium and magnesium, both which can build up on the soil surface. These elements are concentrated salts that can dehydrate the root structures and cause problems such as dead roots and wilting of leaves. Water with too excessive amount of minerals is called "hard water."


Tip: Use a pitcher-type filtering system sold for drinking water.




Keep in mind these tips in order to grow a happy healthy plant. But no matter where you are getting your water, the main thing you want to keep in mind is to not overwater your plants.



 Here's a helpful link to know more about the tap water in your town...


Author: Sophia Theoktisto

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