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Breath in, breath out

With its green, shiny leaves, creamy white spadix and pointed spathe, the Peace Lily is a real beauty, but you are underestimating this flower if you judge it on its beauty alone. There is more to the Peace Lily. It is known for its air purifying characteristic, so in the purer air you will feel better and it will improve your daily performance. Breathe in, breathe out.

Lovely humidity

The Peace Lily comes from far away, namely from the rain-forest around the Amazon in South America and specifically from Colombia and Venezuela. In the rain-forest the plant developed its preference for high humidity. In 1870 the Peace Lily was introduced into Europe, when its triumphant entry into European living rooms and offices began.

Caring for the Peace Lily

Place the Peace Lily in a light or shady position and give it lots of water every week, the plant has no problem with wet soil. If you forget to water it, don’t worry, the plant is resilient and will revive after watering. Your Peace Lily thrives best at temperatures between 15 and 23⁰ Celsius. It will flower between four to ten weeks and will then rest for a couple of weeks. After about twelve weeks new shoots will develop spathes again.

         Fun facts:

  • Peace Lilies are known as a representative of peace: the white flower is the symbol of the white flag, which is understood internationally as a signal of ceasefire.
  • You will find the Peace Lily in many varieties, from mini to extra-large.
  • You will create a healthy work environment, higher productivity and lower sickness rates, with an air purifying Peace Lily on your desk.
  • The plant belongs to the Aracea family, just like the Flamingo Flower.
  • The Peace Lily is also really suitable to place in the bathroom.
  • If your Peace Lily gets brown points on the leaves, the air around it is probably too dry. A plant water spray does wonders.
  • Your Peace Lily will also love being outside during the summer. Place it then in a sheltered position in the shade.
  • Many people assume that the white spathes are the flowers, but the flowers of the Peace Lily are tiny and are found on the pointed spadix.

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