August 11, 2020

All workplaces encounter the question of how to maximize productivity. Although there are dozens of answers to this dilemma, there’s one that requires the least effort and money while promising the most effective results: plants!

A UK study done in 2014 found that bringing plants into the workspace boosts productivity by 15%. This is just one of many studies that prove that green offices are more productive. Over and over again, researchers find that spruced-up offices lead to happier, healthier, and higher-performing workers. But how can something as simple as placing some leafy buds around your workplace have such a significant impact on productivity? 


Plants Boost Your Mood

According to an international study that surveyed over 22,000 employees, individuals with high stress levels are less productive and engaged at work. Touching, smelling, and even just looking at plants has been proven to reduce stress and stimulate positive feelings. By adding plants to a workspace, workers will be able to benefit from their mood-boosting effects. As workers’ stress levels lower due to the greenery around them, their productivity will increase. Happy plants, happy workers!

Plants Clean the Air

Certain cleaning products, building materials, and furnishings commonly found in office spaces emit harmful chemicals into the air. These chemicals can cause grave health complications like chronic headaches and respiratory problems, which lead to lower productivity and a higher rate of employee sick leave. A NASA study found that air-purifying plants naturally filter out some of these pollutants. By bringing air-purifying plants into the workplace, employees will not be exposed to significant amounts of these chemicals and will feel more physically able. Naturally, they will exhibit higher performance and lower rates of staff sick leave. 

Plants Help Reduce Noise

When placed strategically, plants are great at absorbing noise. Sometimes, the chit-chatter of the office can be very distracting to workers. Incorporating plants – especially those with bushier leaves – at the edge of the workspace can lower noise. This reduces distractions and increases the productivity of employees. 

Plants Increase Focus and Creativity

You’ve likely noticed that spending time in nature can help you unwind. According to the attention restorative theory, relaxing in nature cures your mind from fatigue and promotes better concentration. In turn, increased focus stimulates creativity and work endurance, making it easier for workers to stay productive in longer work periods. 

There are many ways to make the most of a workday. Few of them, however, are as cheap, easy, and effective as plants. Whether you work from home or at a shared office space, take initiative and consider turning your workplace green! Boost your teams’ and your own productivity, and increase your businesses’ profitability with only a minor investment. 

By Maria Veronica Perez

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