August 30, 2020

Those who suffer from allergies know that bringing in plants into their home can be a slippery slope. Plants that make pollen and collect dust aggravate allergies. However, some can actually alleviate the endless puffiness and itchiness. These plants clean the air of allergens and pollutants that often exacerbate allergy symptoms, all while adding some beautiful greenery to your home!

If you’re not sure where to start, here are 5 plants that won’t wreak total havoc on your nasal passages:


This plant is ideal for allergy-prone plant parents. It actually absorbs allergens from the air and stores them in its leaves! The dracaena also removes harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene from its surroundings. Although it’s constantly working to clean the air, this plant is very low-maintenance and easy to care for.

Areca Palm

Dust mites and mold, two common allergens, cannot thrive in humid environments. The areca palm can help humidify your space so dust mites and mold don’t stand a chance in your home! This palm also requires very little attention and will give any area a tropical vibe. 

Peace Lilies

The peace lily isn’t just a stunning houseplant. It also purifies the air so you can breathe easy! Additionally, peace lilies remove PCE – hazardous chemicals emitted by common cleaning products – from its surroundings. 

Swedish Ivy

Swedish ivy is low-pollen, so it’s the perfect hanging plant for those who suffer from allergies. Swedish ivy is also very easy to keep alive and suitable for beginner indoor gardeners. 

Chinese Evergreen

Keep the air clean of pollutants with this bushy plant! The chinese evergreen is popular because of its patterned leaves and its ease of care. However, it’s also great at removing gaseous contaminants from the air such as benzene.  

If you’ve avoided welcoming mother nature indoors because of your allergies, try one of these allergy-friendly plants! Just remember to dust their leaves regularly, and let the sniffle-free greenery brighten up your home. 

By Maria Veronica Perez

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