August 23, 2020

To maintain an establishment that prioritizes guests’ satisfaction, hotels should meet the growing demand for environmentally- and health-conscious facilities. Adding plants fulfills this demand while making hotel areas more appealing and comforting to guests! 

How Plants Can Keep Guests Coming Back

Most people focus on the visual value of plants. However, plants provide much more than just decor – they give us purified air! Certain cleaning products and building materials commonly found in hotels emit harmful air pollutants. These chemicals can cause health complications such as respiratory problems and chronic headaches. According to a NASA study, plants naturally clean the air around them of pollutants, which promotes better physical and mental health as well as better sleep. By placing plants around a hotel, guests won’t just see the difference – they’ll feel it too. 

Studies have proven that just looking at plants incites a sense of calm and optimism. When guests are around plants in a hotel, they will associate these positive feelings with the hotel’s facilities, which will make them more likely to come back, leave a good review, or even recommend the hotel to their friends and family. 

Apart from boosting guest satisfaction, plants have been associated with higher productivity. Incorporating plants in a hotel will make employees more focused, creative, and effective. In turn, guests will get better service and want to return in future trips. 

Don’t know where to start? Here’s a list of the best plants to place around a hotel.


If plant maintenance is an issue, cacti are the ideal choice. They’re very low-maintenance and last a long time if cared for properly. Plus, there’s over 2,000 types of cacti – from small desk plants to large tree-like succulents! No matter what area of a hotel needs some greenery, there’s a cactus that’s perfect for it. 

Snake Plant

Snake plants are popular because of how easy they are to keep alive. They can survive in irregular conditions and can live through a fair amount of neglect. Snake plants also have straight sword-like leaves that give a glamorous vibe to any room. Additionally, they’re great at removing pollutants from the air, so placing them in hotel rooms will result in better rest for guests. 

Peace Lily

While orchids often get all the spotlight, peace lilies are a little easier to care for and just as beautiful. Their white flowers will add a tasteful touch to any space and reassure guests that they’re staying at a luxurious facility.


Philodendrons can be hung and trained to climb. They’re great for adding some greenery to hotel walls or even ceilings! Philodendrons are also easy-care and can tolerate occasional irregular growing conditions.

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa is a plant-lover favorite, and it’s not hard to see why. Its broad holey leaves are just stunning and will certainly catch the eye of all guests. While it can be a bit finicky to maintain, this space-filling plant is perfect for giving hotels a bit of a tropical feel. 

White Bird of Paradise Plant

Much like the monstera, the bird of paradise plant will demand guests’ attention. This stately plant is most suitable for lobbies, where incomers can marble at its beautiful broad leaves. 

There are many ways to enhance hotel guests’ experiences. However, plants are perhaps the most affordable and effective method to improve a hotel’s atmosphere, and will surely make such an impression on guests that they’ll want to come back in future trips. 

By Maria Veronica Perez

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