May 28, 2019

The average non-plant owner more often than not may feel like they have been gifted with the touch of death or they may not have the patience to grow a plant or tend to one. Fear not, for there is a plant that may fulfill the needs of an aspiring plant owner who may not know where to start.

Dwarf bananas are ideal for the average person because of their rapid growth rate and their tendencies to survive worst case scenarios. They generally only need plenty of sunlight and a lot of water—about an inch a week—just like you and me.


Fun facts about the Dwarf banana 🍌: 

  1. Dwarf Bananas also have the ability to remove toxic air particles from your indoor living space!

    Their beautiful large flat leaves purifies the air, leaving the air clean and safe from various types of harmful chemicals and bacteria that normally circulate the air, specializing in removing formaldehyde, a colorless gas that is known for causing cancer. It’s also a pet friendly plant as it is very non-toxic for dogs and cats. 

  2. They go by many scientific names, specifically different variations such as Musa and Cavendishto describe the bananas that grow from the tree but got its nickname from a British noblemen.

    The Cavendish name came from William Cavendish, who was gifted a shipment of bananas from the Canary Islands. It was his gardener Joseph Paxton, who cultivated and distributed the banana that we know and love today. 

  3. They originated from Southeast Asia before being introduced to the Canary Islands and being shipped to Cavendish.

    The amazing transition and shift that bananas have underwent through over time has made them resilient and perfectly symbolic for the average non-plant owner to begin with a plant that has remained timeless over time.

    Author: Morena Guerrero





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