March 12, 2019

The difference between plants and flowers is pretty simple We are talking about plants when it comes to a larger organism, that can have a flower. So not all the plants you buy at your local green business are going to turn into flowers. There are in fact some air-purifying plants that produce seeds, without the presence of any flowers. Among those plants, there are the ferns, specifically the Boston and Hispaniola ones.

Generally speaking, ferns are a type of pteridophyte/s. These last ones are plants that do not produce any seeds contained inside flowers, but only seeds that are hidden and covered by cones.
In this specific case, we're talking about tropical plants that mostly need fresh temperatures and constantly moist soil. Here there are some of the fun facts you should know about these two plants:

Boston fern - Nephrolepis exaltata

Originally from South America, specifically from the areas around Bolivia, Brazil, and Colombia, the Boston fern is usually an elegant plant to display in indoor environments. High humidity and indirect light are keys to keeping the plant at its best conditions. It is one of the most green-domestic items on the market, due to its facility in management and its both appealing and flexible aesthetic.

Hispaniola Pine Fern (Haiti) - Afrocarpus gracilior

Different from the Boston one, the Hispaniola is a type of fern that shows off a wilder tone, with its taller and larger appearances. Born in Haiti, this kind of fern is found also in some parts of the Dominican Republic, since the territory of both countries is spread on the same island (Hispaniola). Both in North and South America this plant is used as an ornament and for its wood.

The major key to keep any kind of fern, especially those tropical ones, it to take care of your:
- place's temperature,
- humidity level,
- and a relative amount of space to let the leaves spread around and overthe planter.

Indicated as some ofthe best air-purifying plants, give it a shot and try to incorporate a fern in your space. A little touch of the exotic South never hurt anybody!

Author: Giulia Baldini

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