June 27, 2019

So you have a Terrarium… now what?



Terrariums are incredible because of how much life they can sustain in such a small confined space. They are especially great for those of you who live in apartment buildings, dorms, and large cities that don’t allow you to have the space for a garden. Also keeping a terrarium with air purifying succulents and plants are ideal for small spaces because of the health benefits and aesthetic look that your terrarium gives to your living space.

In other words, you have in your possession a really cool beneficial air purifying living thing that works as a decorative ornament too.

The best part of keeping a terrarium is that troubleshooting them is similar to troubleshooting plants--except it is doubly easier because of the minimal space it requires to thrive in.



Types of terrariums   How to's: 
 Moss Terrariums

Light- Bright but indirect, otherwise your air purifying plant will cook inside the glass/plastic

Water- Pour half a cup of water into the soil. Moss terrariums don't need too much water. Water them once a week


Succulent Terrariums  Light-Indirect sunlight is best. Placing them facing away from the window will work. 

Water- You can use a spray bottle for these kinds of terrariums. Spray a few times every week but make sure to let the soil dry between the watering. This indicates that the soilhas absorbed the water. 

Plant Heavy Terrariums

Light- Also indirect sunlight. The goal is not to cook the plants or dry them out. 

Water- These guys require a bit more water. Water them twice a week and you can also use the spray bottle suggested for the succulent terrariums. 


Overall, your air purifying terrarium can be troubleshooted so be sure to visit that page if you find yourself wondering why the leaves are turning brown. 

Also be sure to prune your plants because they can and, with a lot of love, will outgrow their terrarium.

Enjoy your new living ornaments!


Author: Morena Gurrero

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