July 09, 2018

We wouldn’t want to make your schedule any more hectic than it already is. College is a busy time: trying to sort classes and professors and friend groups and extracurricular activities and wow we’re overwhelmed thinking about it. That’s why the plants we’ve got in our greenhouse are all relatively easy to care for. However, some of our faves require a bit more TLC than others. In this post you’ll see some care tips for your plant soul mate.


Snake Plant

Are you the type of person who is lucky to remember to brush their teeth in the morning? If you are, there is no better plant for you than the majestic Snake Plant.

You can forget it’s existence and it’ll keep itself happy—for a little while, anyways. For this lovely, you just need to make sure it stays in indirect sunlight (though, honestly, it can adapt fairly well to a variety of light levels) and be sure to not overwater it.

If it gets overwatered, the Snake Plant gets a tiny bit temperamental. I mean, you would be too if your roots started rotting.

Overall, the easy to care for nature makes this beautiful plant perfect for dorm rooms!


Spider Plant

Another easy to care for plant! The Spider Plant is a no-fuss piece of foliage that is ideal for dorm living. They love the indirect light of your beautiful dorm room just as much as the Snake Plant. It’s got a similar aesthetic too- cool and clean and a nice burst of green when you’ve got concrete walls.

Get one or two or five.

This lovely only needs your adoration of it’s gorgeous self, a little bit of water here and there- don’t let the soil dry out. It likes the soil to have some moisture in it.

Sort of like how so many of us have a water bottle permanently latched inside out backpacks.

College is stressful—Spider Plants aren’t.


Red Edged Dracaena

These drama queen like bright, indirect sunlight.

The red tips give them a little something extra that we adore. These beauties are a dare to be different with the red flare on their leaves.

Much like the Snake Plant, the Red Edged Dracaena despises the whole standing water deal. Drowning your plant (even with over-love) is never a good idea, but this plant really can’t deal with it.

They also love humid climates- think costal areas with warmer weather. If you go to Rice University, LSU, or Florida State, this plant could very well be your match made by Essencia Air.

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