August 13, 2020

Is there actually such a tree that grows money? Will I be rich if I buy a money tree? The short answer to these questions is unfortunately no. However, there are some that say the money tree brings luck and good fortune so it may be worth investing in purchasing one.  The money tree also known as the Pachira aquatica originated in the swamps of Central and South America. Where did the name “money tree” come from? There is a rumor that a poor man prayed for money and he found the Pachira aquatica. When he took it home, he started making money by selling the plant’s seeds. Clearly there is some sort of luck that can be brought about by owning this tree. If you are interested in purchasing one and wondering what the care process is like, then keep on reading!

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Care Tips

So, you’ve decided to purchase the money tree and add a beautiful element of décor to your place. Now, you’re probably wondering how to take care of it. First off, keep your tree in a bright but indirectly lit place. Keeping it near a window is best to ensure it will get the proper amount of light needed to flourish. It should also be kept in a moderately humid area and prefers to be in a dry. Keep in mind that it is important to not over water your plant. If there is dark coloration it means moisture is present, so watering it is not necessary. However, in general, the plant should be watered once or twice a week depending on the plant’s location and lighting conditions.

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Fun Facts

  • Money trees can grow up to 15 feet tall!
  • Although normal money trees have 5-6 leaves, if you find one with 7 leaves there is a rumor that it will bring you extra luck.
  • This plant is very durable and can grow in various conditions.
  • It is a great plant for new plant owners as it is relatively low maintenance.
  • Adding this tree to your home may or may not bring you some great fortune, but it will definitely be a eye catching plant regardless of where you place it!


Written by: Michele Tornheim



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The plants are beautiful, and were both expertly packed for shipping and easy to assemble. When I called with questions (these are my first plants ever), they were so helpful and warm. Highly recommend ordering plants from Essencia Air!


Sent it to my friend as a gift and she loved it! She said the directions were great and it came as pictured in the photo

Beautiful Indoor Plant

Beautiful custom made piece. A great addition to my indoor setup

The money tree I ordered was just what I wanted. It was a gift for someone and they loved it as well. Thank you!!