August 27, 2019

Missing that aesthetic 50's vibe in your home? Check out the tropical Alocasia to create the perfect mood!


The Kris plant, the African mask plant, or most commonly, the Elephant Ear plant are all nicknames given to what is actually the Alocasia houseplant. This unique plant has striking heart-shaped leaves that are bordered with curvy edges. With rich white veins running through the middle, the Alocasia shows off its glossy green color, making the location it is in much more vibrant.


Because of their form, color, and variety of sizes, Alocasia plants tend to be hybridized. This leads to diversification of the plant and creates the 70 different types of Alocasias native to the tropical climates of Southeast Asia and northern Australia. 


(Alocasia black velvet)


Some variations of Alocasia plants include...



The Alocasia calidora has large green shiny leaves with significantly broad leaf stems, adding a tropical calm ambiance to the room. 



With significantly lettuce-looking edges, the Alocasia portadora generates a touch of drama and excitement.



The extended wavy leaves with a hint of maroon on the underside of the Alocasia lauterbachiana is what adds the perfect vintage vibe any room is missing. 



With its firm arrow-shaped leaves and electrifying green color, theAlocasia cucullata attracts the human eye at any location.


Black Velvet

The Alocasia black velvet absorbs the colors from a room and creates a balance of hues with its dark matte shade. Its smooth, almost round leaves make it easier for the plant to stand out at any location.



The pacific Alocasia zebrina adds elegance to the room with its long, gentle stem and carefully structured leaves.


(Alocasia zebrina)


Let's not forget that although these plants bring life to our rooms, they also purify the air we breathe, therefore, bringing more life to ourselves! By taking in foreign substances that can easily be trapped in our indoor spaces, Alocasias act as air fresheners and consume unsafe gases and other toxins. With this occurring, we can breathe in rejuvenated air conditions and live in a well-decorative home.



With a combination of  indirect sunlight and shade, these eccentric plants can flourish indoors.  This allows them to grow quite nicely in big pots, exhibiting their dazzling foliage. One of the many good news about the Alocasia is that you have a variety to choose from!


Author: Sophia Theoktisto 

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This is the first pant I got and I am very satisfied! The plant is as beautiful as it is on the pictures. The colors of the leaves are fantastic and the plant is very easy to take care of. I followed the care tips on their blog and I contacted them on Instagram, and I have to say that the customer service is on point. They were very helpful and answered all my concerns quickly. Thank you so much Essencia Air, I love it!